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05:10pm 01/10/2006
mood: bouncy
I made these bunny icons and thought Id share. Feel free to use any as bases.
You don't have to credit but I love comments.
come and get a hand made custom bunny!!! 
10:54pm 04/08/2005
mood: crazy
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hello Everyone! I am pretty new here but I am trying to get the hang of it so that I don’t make to many mistakes.

I am trying to get a teddy bear making buisness off the ground and thought that this is a good place to start to see how many people are interested in my bunnies.

These bunnies are all completely made by hand by me! The take a long time to make and are very hard to do and after practicing I finally think that I am ready to sell my bunnies.
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Sugar Bunnies! 
04:08pm 23/04/2005
  If any bunny lovers haven't seen the new Sanrio Sugar Bunnies site, I highly recommend visiting it asap! Fair warning - the cuteness overload may kill ya.^_~

01:37pm 29/03/2005
  kay well i just joined. i actually don't have a bunny :( but i've wanted one for almost 2 years, my mom says i can have one, assuming i take full responability etc and it lives in a hutch outside. well i was willing to do so. but i don't want to live outside. i really want it to stay inside. in my bedroom. i was searching things on the internet that say a rabbit is usually more friendly if it is indoors just becasue they are more apt to be handeled more often. and outside rabbits are more prone to sickness and injuries. any suggestions as to help me persuade my mom??
<33 Lore
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03:19pm 27/03/2005
bunny bunny 
04:49pm 12/03/2005

Lovely Leprotto
rate your bun!! 
11:35am 10/03/2005
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hello :o) 
03:07pm 09/12/2004
mood: blah
I've just joined, so I thought I'd say hi and post some peektures of my bunny :)
My names is Sam, by the way, and I <3 rabbits. I grew up on a semi-rural farm and my mother used to stick lost/caught/whatever baby bunnies into socks in the airing cupboard (to keep then warm) and nurse them back to health. Alot didn't make it, but some did.
The first pet rabbit I got was when I was about 6 or 7. White with red eyes, name Elanore. We always thought it was a girl, because that's what the previous owners told us, but it turned out to be a boy. He passed away four years ago of cancer :(

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Ciao <3
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06:19pm 08/12/2004
  This is precious Delia. She is my jelly.

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jackalopes are bunnies with tumors! 
03:24pm 16/11/2004
  here are some doodles i did of jackalopes and added photo backgrounds to them. i know the photo background idea is tired, but it was the best way to present them without finishing the drawings. :P

i hope this isn't rude or against any rule, but i made a community for jackalopes = jackalopehunter and since you all seem to love bunnies i thought maybe you'd like jackalopes as well. it a very new community so there aren't many members ( so join, please :D ).

if that isn't allowed i'll edit it out. thanks. :)


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12:14pm 14/11/2004

Marion Peck
"Mr. Bunny"
oil on panel, 11" x 14", 2004
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10:38pm 11/10/2004
  HI there everyone,
I just joined. My name is Cheryl and I am from Northern NJ. I actually don't own a bunny right now but I used to. Her name was Casey and she was the best bunny in the whole world (I feel). She was a house bunny and ran all around the house leaving little poops behind. She loved cheerios and loved to scratch in some of my friends hair (I guess their hair was a little greasy lol). I've had several hamsters as well over the course of my lifetime. I used to make elaborate mazes for them out of videotapes in my living room! I also currently own four ferrets!
One of the reasons I joined was I am looking for someone to write a short 1-2 page article on proper small animal ownership. If several people are interested I would love to have different articles that are more specific, for example seperate ones for hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, etc. I very recently made a website that I want to use to promote pet ownership responsibility. I would write it myself but I don't feel like I could write a comprehensive enough article. Of course I will credit the author. Small compensation might be provided.
Thanks! This is the site it will be on: http://franklinpetcompany.com.previewyoursite.com/
I hope this is the right place for this.. 
03:25am 30/09/2004
mood: chipper
I'm the proud owner of four lovely rabbits.. San, Beowulf, Cecily and Valentine. Beowulf, my oldest, started an obsession with rabbits that evolved into an ever growing collection of "Bunny Stuff" (Mainly because I refuse to allow myself to own any more real rabbits) Most of these things are from garage or estate sales.
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10:27pm 15/08/2004

"little friends"

"three little bunnies"
Fluffy by Simone LIa 
06:10pm 11/08/2004
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04:51pm 23/07/2004
let's make rabbits

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old postcard (found through a deer) 
09:00am 13/07/2004

poor sick darling! 
08:56am 03/07/2004

Perhaps some cabbage soup is in order, ve?
Ahoy, more bunny-dolls! 
08:45pm 30/06/2004
mood: wanting expensive toys!
This is Leprotto, a Japanese 'Pullip'. Isn't she cute?

And here she is on auction! OOO!

Unfortunately, only 300 of her were ever made, so the final price will probably be INSANE. Too insane for me, at least. Oh well, she's still cute to look at..*sighs*
Jascha is a bunny boy ^_^ 
01:02pm 30/06/2004
mood: creative
Someone told me you'd appreciate these pictures here... ^_^ I made my doll a bunny costume and he looks so adorable in it.




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And that's all!~
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