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I hope this is the right place for this..

I'm the proud owner of four lovely rabbits.. San, Beowulf, Cecily and Valentine. Beowulf, my oldest, started an obsession with rabbits that evolved into an ever growing collection of "Bunny Stuff" (Mainly because I refuse to allow myself to own any more real rabbits) Most of these things are from garage or estate sales.

Brass rabbit. I bought it in New Zealand.

Some kinda plastic that's suppose to look like wood. I got him for half a dollar since his ear is cracked

I LOVE these. They're salt and pepper shakers. They have the cutest little faces. They're from an estate sale.

I bought this out of the gardening center of Wal-Mart. XD It lives on my book shelf.

Wooden merry-go-round bunny. Garage sale.

I think they're porcelin. I don't really know, but they were too cute to pass up. Estate sale.

He was a gift from a friend. I think he's some sort of stone.

Don't really like this one. The eyes aren't carved deep enough.. it looks sort of like he doesn't have eyes unless you look closely.

:D Christmas gift from my mom. And...

Baby Beowulf with the Christmas rabbit!

The big blue bunny was a "Congradulations On Not Dying In Surgery" gift. The other one was an easter gift.

And Blobert. He's my Velveteen Rabbit.

And just for kicks...

San (Brown) and Beowulf (Black and white)

Valentine (In the back) and Cecily (In the front, with the little bit of white)
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