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hello :o)

I've just joined, so I thought I'd say hi and post some peektures of my bunny :)
My names is Sam, by the way, and I <3 rabbits. I grew up on a semi-rural farm and my mother used to stick lost/caught/whatever baby bunnies into socks in the airing cupboard (to keep then warm) and nurse them back to health. Alot didn't make it, but some did.
The first pet rabbit I got was when I was about 6 or 7. White with red eyes, name Elanore. We always thought it was a girl, because that's what the previous owners told us, but it turned out to be a boy. He passed away four years ago of cancer :(

This is Abby, she's four years old and my Grandma bought her for me after Elanore passed away. She was about four months old when we got her.

She's not very people friendly and hates being picked up, despite me having played alot with her when she was young. She doesn't mind a scratch behind the ears though, as long you have some food for her!

Ciao <3
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